15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case

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Because i was panicking and i just wanted to get out of there. How many days before i can receive a call from them? The other driver must pursue a claim within the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations varies by state, but is generally 2 or 3 years. I just hit a car but it was only the exterior mirror that might have gotten damage at least for me it was.

What should I do? First time these has happened to me very worried. The proper thing to do is to leave a note with your contact information. I would suggest doing whatever is possible to locate the driver. With that being said, there might not be a lot you can do.

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Perhaps return to the place where you hit the car to see if the car is parked there maybe the driver lives and works nearby and is often parked there. I arrived at work , worked for the day. On coming out i noticed the shine on my car was slightly matt and a tiny new speck was on my car. I noticed is only as i just had my car highly polished. Now im freaking out a car may of pulled out on me and i didnt even feel it.

I dont want it to be reported as a hit and run, as i didnt even notice. Are there potential witnesses you can talk to? Security footage? I scraped their car and left a note thinking they would call. Took pictures of their car. I put off filing a claim waiting to hear from them. There was no physical damage to my car, just paint exchange that a friend buffed out.

Their car looked about the same. No phone call ,one week, two weeks….. He accepted full responsibility and his insurance is covering it. Because the damage was so much, I called my insur. They insisted I file a claim and then close it. I insisted that I did not want to open a claim but, he pushed it. Told me to call and cancel it after the other party agreed to cover it.

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My car is in the shop getting fixed. I understand Now that I should have filed a claim right away. Naive or wishful or stupid. But not intentionally criminal or fraudulent. Why leave a note if I was. My concern is when I do get hold of my insurance to report it they will think I intentionally tried to do something. That they will think the damage from the 2nd accident was the result of the first.

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The first one was the front passenger side and second was rear passenger side. And they will want to drop me for scratching a car in a minor parking lot accident.

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I am so stressed. I want to at least close that stupid unwanted claim before filing one to cover the car I hit. Am I in trouble? Help me. Time limit says reasonable time to file. Try not to be stressed out. Your only obligation was to leave a note.

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Simply let your insurance company know about the accident. How do I handle this situation? I was at the stop light today and a squeegee boy wanted to clean my windshield. I declined and he moved on only to be called over by a guy in a blue pickup truck parallel to me. They began arguing and long story short, they opened the door twice onto my vehicle and damaged it. How do I pursue this matter? Were there any witnesses you could talk to?

You might consider reaching out an attorney to help you investigate the matter. Alternatively, you can reach out to your insurance provider and see if they are willing to investigate. I had hit a car last week and not realised as the road was very busy and I was getting beeped and shouted at by a driver behind me and I must have hit a car when I thought I jusy caught the side of a tree or the curb. Unless the police told you otherwise, they are probably just obtaining your insurance information for the victim so the victim can provide the information to their insurer.

Nevertheless, I would recommend speaking with an attorney in your area about your situation. I left a note with my number and they called. You might want to request that they take the car to your body shop to get an estimate.

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  4. Call your insurance company and let them know what happened and explain that the party is demanding an unreasonable amount of money. Your insurance company will do their own investigation as to the reasonable cost of repairs. Hi, I was illegally parked and reversed into someone unknowingly to me at the time, I returned 5 mins later to find the other car owner waiting on me and both cars bumpers were touching.

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    We exchanged details I took 1 pic of the very minor damage to the other car, no damage whatsoever to my car of any paint missing from either car. Where should I go from here and due to the fact I was illegally parked am I guilty? The important question is whether you caused the accident. I would wait for the other party or their insurance company to contact you seeking payment first. At that point, you can choose to contest the damage. So I did something really stupid and when pulling into a parking spot I scraped the car next to me.

    I left a note on the car with an explanation and my phone number but no other personal information. I didnt hear anything until a few weeks later when the person called me. I panicked and blocked the caller. Then the insurance company started to call me and they have found out my name as well.

    Are they able to find my insurance and bill me just based off that if I havent spoken to either party at all? The damage was purely cosmetic but even that can be pricey. Or since they have already reported it to their insurance company is it too late? The insurance company will likely be able to find your insurance company and contact them.

    A Guide to Texas Car Accident Claims

    At that point, the insurance company could potentially garnish your wages. I would recommend reaching out to your insurance company. Your insurance company may allow you to enter into some sort of payment plan to pay the deductible. I hit scratched a parked car while pulling into the parking spot beside.

    The scratch on their car was about the size of a quarter and no dents from what I could see, and there were security cameras in the area. The owners were inside the car when I hit them. They said they would move their car but I said I would move mine to another location instead since they were already parked. I found another spot nearby, but decided not to park there because it was in a high-traffic area and I was afraid that someone else would hit my car.

    So I went to park in the lot beside where it was less busy.