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Altered Visions: Entehogen

Rigid enough to hang straight, yet delicate enough to move as someone walks by, the cut octagons, that are slightly pushed out of the foil, create an optical illusion that plays with sight and sensorial perceptions. In addition to her work with metal seen at the Espacio Gallery, Manuela has also worked with glass.

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Cutting and fusing glass into patterns of triangles and lines, her final results include tiles that are full of movement and which confuse the eye with their optical illusions. Manuela continues to be fascinated with patterns and the sensorial interaction they can establish with viewers.

She plans to continue her experimentation with patterns, and materials, and has begun to explore this with the properties and capacities of carbon fibre for her next body of work. Go back Share: Print:.

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    The work operates by simulating diverse realities filtered by televised media; it clearly shows our altered perceptions and the grand illusion of what is known as the objective reality of information. Cart 0.

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