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As a business community, the UK, is renowned for its ability to thrive in diverse conditions and strive through times of economic uncertainly. In a business landscape on the precipice of change, one thing remains a standard in the UK, a strong work ethic and a diverse and vibrant business culture which, year-upon-year provides numerous successes and victories which can too often be over-looked.

Taking part in the UK Enterprise Award programme is the perfect way to show your employees that their efforts are valued by the organisation, whilst also providing the public with evidence of your successes as a business. Notifying stakeholders of your participation in our programme indicates that your business is garnering the attention of third parties, and that word or your expertise, customer service or products offered are creating a buzz within the sector, industry or market.

Winning an UK Enterprise Award is obviously, the goal as this provides you with evidence you need to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you outshine the competition. Enhancing your victory with visual reminders, allows for the promotion of your brand to extend even further, which in turn can attract talented new employees, looking to work for the best and new clients and customers looking to work with the best.


With award categories for overall business management, growth, products and services offered, and even highlighting specific achievements by individuals, our award programme is the perfect way to commemorate the momentous developments undergone by your business, enterprise or initiative. Of course, our programme is open to all small businesses operating in the United Kingdom, we also encourage those companies and organisations, who facilitate the growth and development of the business community, to join the programme and allow for their efforts in making certain an equitable opportunity exists for these new and innovative endeavours to thrive.

What is an SME Award?

Our awards are based on merit, not the number of votes received. Our process works to ensure that we reward parties based on their excellence in the industry, the quality of their products and their dedication to service. Jessie joined the AI Global Media family in and has progressed into becoming a most valued and most dedicated team member, applying logic, fairness and true commitment to everything she does.

The SME News team work ardently to identify market leaders, innovators and enterprising start-ups, driving many of the nominations themselves. We also encourage external nominations via the SME News subscribers, online visitors, social media followers, clients and wider circulation. Nominating parties are invited to put forward either third-party businesses whom they hold in high regard, or their own organisation. All nominees are formally requested to accept their nomination.

UK Enterprise Awards - SME News

Should any firm or individual rather decline at this point, they are simply taken out of the running. Those formally accepting are given the opportunity to submit additional materials in support of their nomination. Although there is no obligation to complete and supply material, we have found that many nominees value this stage, in the process, as much as our research team do.

The team gather information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources, which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves. The research team casts their final judgment, based on various criteria including: client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customer feedback and business performance.

Once winners are determined, they are personally notified before any public announcement is made, allowing time for any communications throughout the wider business and the coordination of marketing strategies. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a winner; however, all who take part are encouraged to come back next year. We encourage all winners to publicly announce their win independently.

Announcements via company websites, social media, via publicly released press releases, and through local and national press are all great ways of maximising the exposure which can be gained from such an amazing achievement. If you have need of further advice, on how to gain maximum exposure from your win, please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to assist our clients with their needs.

Our featured winners are included in our celebratory awards magazine, published online and circulated to the circulation of SME News. All winners are included in our winners directory. Once a year's winners have been announced the full list of winners for that year will be available to view by clicking on the equivalent button displayed below.

Proud to be recognised for striving to do things differently, and innovating in an industry which can sometimes appear staid. The SME news team have been fantastic. Thanks to everyone involved. Jane is committed to ensuring that each winner of an SME News award not only has a great experience but also gains maximum value for their win. Jeremy's diligent approach is carried across to this team members ensuring quality in the research carried out on behalf of SME News.

Sam Jordan-Turner - SME News Lead Researcher Sam is fascinated by the business world, with a keen interest in the finer details of how a business may succeed and the path taken in creating truly great things. Sam is committed to uncovering what makes a business tick, ensuring that we gain a good understanding of the businesses nominated for our awards as well as our eventual winners.

We win Global Sourcing Association SME of the year!

Steven oversees a number of SME News' key awards programmes ensuring that all nominees and winners receive a great experience from the team and that our winners are supported in gaining maximum exposure from such an amazing achievement. Nominated Organisation required - Please ensure this field contains the name of the organisation you are voting for.

Business Industry - Please select the most suitable industry relating to the nominated organisation.

TENEO - 2017 Irish Australian Business Awards, Finalist - SME of the Year

Winners from some categories will have the chance to go through to the national finals of the SME Awards. Skip to main content. Sharing small business love. Other categories include: Website of the year Green business of the year Service excellence Not-for-profit business of the year Networking group of the year High-growth business of the year Entrepreneur and young entrepreneur of the year Employer of the year Community business of the year Business woman of the year.

In fact, there are 20 categories to enter.

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