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But the SPD was not the only party facing inner conflict. While many attribute the conflict at least in part to personal rivalry between the two but rarely to their two male partners , a maze of issues is at stake. It has shoved the country alarmingly to the right. The usually more leftist Wagenknecht has unexpectedly implied that Germany should accept no more from abroad than the central government is willing to assist, without overburdening towns and cities at the expense of local working people. She has also accepted the expulsion of those found to be criminal.

We will know more during the Leipzig congress. The basic LINKE dispute is between those working to improve life for the citizenry in one way or another, if possible as members of state governments, perhaps in four years in the national government, and those further left who, without neglecting such actions, reject the capitalist social system with its giant, growing gap between rich and poor and its constant attempts at economic and military expansion including conflicts. Such rejection means opposition to the leadership of all other parties, with no compromises on major questions like foreign deployment of the Bundeswehr.

Is this old-fashioned, dogmatic, self-defeating? Which path can best achieve the two main tasks; fighting the growing fascist threat and opposing any move towards war, away from that frightening tightrope act over craters in Syria, Iran, Ukraine or elsewhere.


The Leipzig congress June may be a stormy one — and a crucial one. Fears for the worst in Korea have lessened with hopes, after a series of typical Trumpian somersaults, that the thrust of the Bolton-Haley-Pompeo line may yet give way to negotiations and diplomacy. But looming ever closer is the question of Iran, with the same cabal pushing demands, treaty-busting and impossible to fulfil, which recall Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The world knows all too well the tragic results in all four, also far beyond their borders, while their direct comparisons with Libya make their goals all too clear — and fearsome.

A single click tells us that Iran, far stronger, has a larger population than the latter three combined. Can and will the other Iran treaty partners bow to the potent pressures from Washington — or will they uphold an agreement which has provided such welcome relief? Europe must decide. With Germany the strongest power in Europe, the outcome will largely depend on its decision. In the current fork situation, one main road, paved from the start by mighty interests in both Germany and the USA, is cemented by the huge trade between them, often bound up with making and selling cars even cleverly—manipulated poisonous ones.

And that is odious, with Germany facing challenges enough these days in Europe, with London still teetering with its Brexit, Macron vying for European leadership, Eastern Europe rebelling on accepting refugees, Spain torn by the Catalan issue and corruption scandals and Italy now in a total mess. Will she and her government have the strength and will to join France, Britain — and Russia and China as well — and show the Bolton gang that middle finger? Who knows? But there is another earnest road fork in Germany, with equal dangers in the long run.

It is the increasing threat of a fascist track!

The five-year-old Alternative for Germany AfD won seats in 14 German states with the last two soon to come and has 92 representatives in the national Bundestag. This enables its often clever and highly educated spokespersons to spout their poison in every debate and, thanks to their rank in seats, as the first speakers after those of the government.

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Much of the media, even government-run TV channels, has been overfriendly in giving them air-time. Their positions fluctuate; they may oppose sanctions on Russia but then demand a bigger, aggressive army, once again with a draft. They express deep sympathy for the millions hit by rising rent costs, but are against all cuts in the take-home millions of the super-wealthy. The rule of Islam in Germany is nothing but the rule of evil!

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  • Maybe this is why they chose Berlin for a big all-German demonstration, to march from Washington Platz at the main railway station through a downtown area to a big final meeting on the west side of the Brandenburg Gate. But they had no sooner announced this plan when, Berliners, or a large number of them, said loudly NO! And this is what made last Sunday the biggest heart-warming event in years! Stop the AfD! But on Sunday all such plans and hopes had to be abandoned; their ranks were far thinner, even with buddies from openly pro-fascist gangs.

    All the same, after bold start-off rhetoric and distributing a thousand or more big German flags, they joined ranks and set off on their anti-foreigner, anti-Islam, anti-leftist Berlin crusade. The AfD route of march was carefully protected by two thousand policemen, who blocked off every non-rightist attempt to cross near the meeting place at Brandenburg Gate. It was a hot day, clothes of the mostly young crowds on and around each truck were colorful if often very skimpy, while everyone, it seemed obvious, was both very determined but also having a good time. Crowds and crowds, with young and some elderly LINKE, Social Democrats and Greens, but mostly from no party or organization, many with young children, moved as close to the AfD meet as the police permitted.

    The closest ones climbed every flagpole, mast or tree and made as much noise as possible, not quite able to outdo the AfD amps, but loud enough to make their point. But the opposition was not just in the Tierpark.

    A gay organization met, separately to start with, then hastened through the Tiergarten to join the main crowd. Bertolt Brecht Platz became a second, symbolic gathering place for many anti-fascists.

    Spurensuche im Ersten Weltkrieg: Der Glockengießer aus Erding - Schwaben & Altbayern

    In all, thirteen different organizations joined in to say no to the AfD. How many were there on one side or the other? For the AfD crowd, estimates varied from to but circled in at about And on our side? Who could count them? Aside from those in organized groups and at the main meeting sites there were so very many who just joined in on their own to add their voices or their presence.

    The policy counted 25,; other estimates topped 70, — even on a hot, sunny Sunday when large numbers of Berliners usually flee to the lakeshores or their summer bungalows. Tear gas was used once; a few were arrested. And when crowds from both sides collided at the big Friedrichstrasse subway-elevated station on their way home there were a few fights, naturally exaggerated by the right-wing media.

    But while fully enjoying this successful Sunday, most remained well aware: that other road fork has not disappeared, and has moved the general political scene rightward. Two years later, after the Depression hit, the sum jumped to 6. Three years later it seized power and destroyed opposition, brutally and bloodily, and then most of Europe. Will there be another crisis — or depression?

    Der Spiegel 38.2015

    We are staying and defending ourselves against the multi-kulti insanity. Our protest will continue and gain strength until the AfD takes over responsibility. And that will mark the end of open borders. I am reminded of two quotations. Only the author is responsible for the content of this article.

    German law has no death penalty; she was sentenced to life in prison. While her appeal has little chance of success, the law permits those with life sentences to apply for parole after 15 years, often with success. But her murderous career is ended. Many breathed a sigh of relief on hearing the verdict against this evil woman, who appeared in court every day, carefully coiffed and attired, with a mysterious smile and almost total refusal to say anything.

    Beginning in she assisted two male friends in killing ten men in cities all over Germany. Mostly small shopkeepers, their only connection was their immigrant background, Turkish, in one case Greek. The killers also robbed banks, killed a German policewoman and set off an explosion in a Turkish-German neighborhood, wounding many.

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    Their motive was to spread hatred; their cause, the National Socialist Underground, from the lying title Hitler chose for his party, in other words — fascism. Many unsolved mysteries remain. How did the local police chief immediately know the identity of the two dead men? Why had he inquired about them with the German FBI-equivalent just a day earlier — or was it the same day? Why were the two cops who immediately arrived at the scene so vague and contradictory about everything else, like their chief, but insistent that no-one else could have been involved — and escaped?

    Why was the vehicle, only partially burned and still unchecked for clues, towed away bumpily to a garage, making any proper search of the death site impossible? The questions piled up. Why was he protected from inquiries? Why did the Interior Minister of Hesse, where the killing took place, stubbornly reject being questioned about his agent — and hinder scrutiny of the relevant documents, which are now locked away from public or legal view for an amazing years?

    No, that number is not a typo! And why is the same man now Minister President of the state of Hesse and a powerful figure in the party of Angela Merkel, who promised a full examination of the case five years ago! For author Frank Baum in , that was certainly a metaphor.

    It is for me too! In my metaphor, wild creatures are also flying around, not just in Hesse. And the other sub-species? In their spirit a racist tornado hit Germany recently, like the Kansas twister which sent Dorothy spinning to Oz. The spinning in this case was with soccer balls. Hurrah for the home team! This is fairly normal, but it becomes highly emotional when the national team aims at another victory trophy, like last month in Russia. German fans, sure of victories like in Rio in , jammed the broad avenue cutting through the central park Tiergarten as , or so watched the giant screens waiting to cheer every German advance.

    A real carnival! But alas, this time the magic was missing, in three games the team failed to even make the quarter finals. Bitter tragedy — and that carnival mile stayed almost empty! Top-notch world football or not, who wanted to watch England, France or Croatia if no Germans were playing? In he became world champion with the German national team in Brazil.