If I Were a Mouse

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The fridge, the dead mouse and the perils of YouTube tutorials

Meanwhile, the fridge itself, as if leached of its strength by the juiced-up freezer, was weak. Its complexion was jaundice and its temperature: room. Vegetables wilted after a day in the crisper, a refreshing gin and tonic tasted flat and warm, I became ill after eating meat that had been left in the fridge overnight.

When I returned it was to a weird smell, something sour and closed. There was nothing perishable in the fridge but the lack of air meant that the odour of condiments — brined olives, mustard, Vegemite — mingled unpleasantly in their warm room. This week my friend Richard Cooke and his wife Loulou stayed and we breakfasted on warm milk and orange juice.

The butter spread easily over hot crumpets. I got him to lift the fridge up and move it away from the wall so we could get a closer look at the back of it.

Mouse biology

The back of the fridge yielded no answers but the floor underneath did. It was totally disgusting.

The Grasshopper Mouse Is a Killer Howling Rodent - Nat Geo Wild

An absolutely flattened yet perfectly formed mouse corpse lay on the ground. With its long tail, it looked like an upside-down question mark.

Maybe the mouse chewed through some electrical part of the fridge, killing it and the fridge at the same time. He had watched some YouTube videos and knew sometimes a fridge was broken because of a problem with the door. The appliance tutorials were scary. The lighting was harsh, the graphics floated across the screen in Halloween sans serif, while American-accented technicians opened up the previously sealed panels of fridges, exposing a confusion of wiring in a manner of a surgeon slicing open a chest to reveal a network of veins. Bluetooth is off.

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After you remove a Bluetooth device, you'll have to repeat the pairing process if you want to use it again. Bluetooth devices are usually available a few moments after your Mac completes its startup process. Other wireless devices can take up to 5 seconds to be recognized.

Some Bluetooth devices, such as audio headsets, might disconnect to conserve the device's battery power after no audio or data is present for a certain amount of time.

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