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This softfile is ready to read anytime you want. Hartness [B4W. Marks [B4W. Snow [B7A.

D [B7A. By Jane Smith [B7A. Balasubramaniam [D4N. Murphy [D4N. By James Steven [D4N. Wish [D4N. Clark [D4N. Hainsworth [D4N. Fedak [D4N. Bill Bunn [D4N. Carmouche [II5. Yeats [II5. Summary Customer Reviews 3. Jill is relentless in her desire to see others give their tithe to God. She and her siblings love to act out the stories that they have read about. After hearing the story of Jacob at Bethel, Jill determines to do more than play the story of Jacob.

She begins a crusade to reach the Golden City by setting up her own altar and giving her tithe to God. On the way to the Golden City, she learns the valuable lesson that God seeks much more than the treasure of the traveler. Jack and Bumps demonstrate how effectively young people can be at doing the work of God regardless of their age.

Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre

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Mount Morris NY I wish we could do without them, like the Clarkes. Their mother looks after them. No, you little stupid, but Mona has. I heard nurse say she was an heiress, and that's an awfully grand thing to be, it's next to being a princess in a fairy-book. Now we've sat still long enough, announced Jack with a yawn. We'll have a kind of 'Puss in the Corner.

We can easily get back to them before nurse comes. A stout, pleasant-faced lady came into the room as he spoke, and saved the situation, for restless Jack could never stay quiet for long. The little Barons could remember neither father nor mother. Their mother had died at Bumps' birth, their father a year after. He had married twice, and Mona was the daughter of his first wife. Miss Webb, a cousin of Mr. Baron's, had taken charge of the household after his death; but when Mona had finished her education she came home, and when she came of age and inherited a good bit of money, Miss Webb still stayed on as her chaperon.

The children were fond of Miss Webb, though they did not see much of her, and their faces brightened at her appearance. Your sister asked me to come and see if order had been restored, she said, smiling. Why, you are as quiet as mice! Now, why can't you always sit still like this? We were just going to finish it, said Jill.

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We've been here ages. Do you like Sunday, Miss Webb? We don't. I think I used to when I was a little girl, said Miss Webb, taking a seat by the nursery fire, and placing Bumps upon her lap. My mother used to have me down-stairs in the drawing-room in the afternoon, and show me lovely pictures out of some books she had, and talk to me about them. I had no brothers and sisters, and I used to be allowed to dine with her and my father, and sometimes she sang to me.

She had a beautiful voice, and she would play hymns for me to sing with her. Ah, said Jill, with a long-drawn breath and a wistful look in her eyes; but then, you see, we haven't got a mother. But you have a nice kind sister, said Miss Webb, pity filling her heart for the children who had never realised a mother's love. Yes, said Jack; Mona is very good, but she's always out, and she doesn't make Sunday nice to us.

Yes, said Miss Webb on the impulse of the moment, you shall.

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Nurse has made you tidy, so come along, just as you are. Down two flights of stairs they scampered, delighted at the prospect of leaving the nursery. They found Mona leaning back in an easy-chair by the fire.

Amy Le Feuvre

A butler was removing the tea, and Captain Willoughby was standing, hat in hand, saying good-bye. Mona's other Sunday visitors had taken their leave. She looked up astonished when she saw the children. Now, what are you doing, Miss Webb? Bringing them in their right minds to express contrition for their Sabbath-breaking?

Jill's Red Bag

No, said Miss Webb quietly. They are going to sing some hymns. I thought you would like to play for them. Wish I could stay to join you, said Captain Willoughby, but I've promised my mother to take her to evening church. Au revoir!

Half in the Bag Episode 21: Jack and Jill (1 of 2)

He departed. Mona got up from her seat and went to the piano.