Learning Linux Commands

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And we will do it all in the command line! Now that you've learned how to use the command line, what is next? What if you want to learn more about the command line? Search for anything. Udemy for Business. Try Udemy for Business.

The 10 Most Important Linux Commands

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Identifying Commands

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Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

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Expand all 13 lectures What is the Command Line and why is it important? Opening the Command Line. In this video, we will discuss why the command line has a different method of copy-pasting. Copying and Pasting. We will go over a cool command line Easter egg that involves an interactive calendar.

Using the Calendar. Why and how would we want to print our directory in the command line. The pwd Command. Changing Directories in the Command Line Part 1. Changing Directories in the Command Line Part 2.

Move up:. Move to specific folder :. In the above scenario I used pwd,ls and cd to illustrate how we can move from from one folder to another. Move to root:. Show all files hidden also :.

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See all files and also details :. In the privilege section of the owner section we can see that drwxr is written it means :. Changing permissions of a file or folder is a different topic altogether. We will skip that in this article. Open with an editor :. I will open the file using vscode.

Learn the Linux Command Line for Beginners with Mohammad Nauman

Renaming a file :. See network information :.

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See system usage data :. See disk space :. Install software :. Restart computer :. Shutdown Computer : try anyone. This is by no means a comprehensive tutorial.