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It is easy to understand why, too. The submissions not only sound complex, but they appear to be complicated to execute. Additionally, there is a misconception that the gogoplata submission requires incredible flexibility. By the end of this article, you will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to correctly perform these two submissions. If you are unfamiliar with the gogoplata submission, it is an extremely uncomfortable submission that uses the sharpness of the shin area to choke.

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Yes, that sounds difficult for now, but the gogoplata, omoplata, and the entire rubber guard series is relatively easy even for people with moderate levels of flexibility. We will break down the basic concepts of rubber guard so that you can begin applying the gogoplata submission. After that, we will also discuss the powerful secondary option of transitioning to the omoplata submission from the rubber guard and gogoplata series. The rubber guard is essentially a high guard that was created by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo as a method to control and neutralize an opponent in an attacking position.

The position might seem like it requires incredible flexibility, but there are a few ways to start utilizing the guard immediately.

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Cheating flexibility While flexibility can undoubtedly aid your rubber guard game, it is not a necessity. Many people try to play rubber guard with their hips square to their opponent and facing forward. This method does require outstanding flexibility. However, if you simply adjust your position to move onto the side of your hip, it can aid the process of getting your leg up and over your opponent for the position. By angling to one side, you can open your hips up and start working on the rubber guard series with relative ease.

You can do this in many ways, but merely sitting up for double underhooks can be enough to drag your opponent down to the mat with you. The key through that step is the backward push by using your foot on the mat to create the space that is required.

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Pinch and squeeze in this position before also clinching with your right leg to ensure that your opponent is now trapped. It requires digging your left hand underneath his right arm before slipping it through, then upward and backward so that his hand is placed on the mat.

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You want to hug your left knee with your left arm and then give your opponent a squeeze to ensure they cannot free his arm. The first step in this process is to clear the neck.

Once you have cleared the neck, you can now re-attach your right hand underneath your shin on that same side. This position is extremely tight and uncomfortable for your opponent, but now it is time to focus on submitting them.

By using your grip on your left leg, bring your leg over his face and underneath his chin. Remember to angle out on your right hip so that you can do this without any major flexibility requirements.


You can finish the gogoplata by tightening your foot around his head and then pulling straight down on the back of his head for an immediate submission. Omoplata from rubber guard One of the best aspects of the rubber guard series is the ability to transition into the omoplata submission. Top Fundamentals. Top Technicals. Top Movers. Stock Screener. Our Services.

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