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Pennell, Mr. Henkel and their actors bring this ordinary moment of blue-color existence to vivid screen life. Davis and Mr. Perryman, who played quite similar characters in ''The Whole Shooting Match,'' are superb as Cowboy and Claude, whether acting with each other or with any of the other members of the remarkable cast. Matilla, a New York actor, is priceless as the easily overheated Ichabod, and Tina-Bess Hubbard, an exceptionally pretty young woman now teaching dance and acting in Munich, is very funny as Claude's pliant young girlfriend, Mary.

Mary doesn't put her foot down often, but she does think that Claude shouldn't blame people for being fat, which leads to a serious discussion on whether someone with a beer belly can accurately be called fat. When finally at her wit's end with Ichabod's behavior, Mary is likely to scream, ''When you talk to me, keep that eye open. I don't want it twitching at me! The dialogue is so good that it doesn't sound as if anyone could have actually written it. Though mostly so vulgar and obscene that little of it can be quoted here, it has the ring of metareality.

Abstract notions never enter the mind of anyone at the Alamo. Everyone is completely absorbed by things and events in the present tense. Near the end, after Claude has returned to the bar after an unsuccessful attempt to burn down his own house, he receives still another call from the furious Marcie. It was shot in three and one-half weeks.

There's something extremely reassuring that the state that gave us the real Alamo, ''Dallas'' the show, not the city and all of those legendary oil fortunes, should also have given us this film, which is as small as Texas is big. Apparently some Houston boosters are not pleased with ''Last Night at the Alamo,'' which they feel makes the city look tacky. It does, though benignly.

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In the film's opening, very gray establishing shots, the city's great glass-and-steel high-rises are a vision of high-tech at its least humane and least functional. Contemporary previous owners inscriptions on front endpapers. Subtle small holes on the half title where something was once stapled but removed; indents from the staples continue, much more discretely, onto the next couple of pages. Small tear to top of half title which has been professionally repaired.

Small crease to 'forewarning' page. A nice copy. Inscription reads "Cordially Robert Service" A24 a. Many of these ballads were written during the the previous decade. Scarce in the dust jacket. First Edition. Hard Cover.

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Cloth Bound. Green cloth hardcover with gold print. Minor soiling to lower covers. Small dent to top edge of front board. In mylar-covered pictorial dustjacket with wear, small chips and tears, esp. Stated first edition.


HC published by Dodd, Mead and Company in Dust jacket is missing spine, and front and back of DJ are worn and torn along edges. Top corners of covers are bumped some. Table of contents page has some writing in pencil on it. No other writing in book. Pages have slight tanning at top, and some pages have slight stains.

Seller: Inside the Covers Published: Green coloured cloth covered boards with gilt lettering on front and spine, front fly leaf is missing? Check out the scans..

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First Edition First Printing. Ernest Benn, And this record sounds incredible. Part of that is the quality of recordings - for reasons I am unaware of, the clarity of the recordings collected here is almost unparalleled. This is not to disparage other tapers; many tours have stand-out recordings. I am just surprised at the sheer volume of quality recordings from Fall As you can tell from reviewing the dates of the recordings, my favorite show from the leg is November 3. This concert is top-notch from beginning to end. Though most nights of this tour, like any other, were uneven, I think Bob Dylan landed the mark with the twelve tracks found on Piano Blues and Barroom Ballads.

If I could keep just one of the compilations presented on A Thousand Highways and thank goodness I don't , it would be this one. Note that the only vocal loss is the final repeated verse and chorus of "Most Likely. I am sure some listeners disagree with this decision, and will be happy to find extended cuts of these three songs in their own folder within the download. Similarly, a handful of bonus tracks round out the set.

Bawdy Barroom Ballads Chapter 2: "At the Workhouse: Christmas Day"

These consist of some notable performances "Romance In Durango" chief among them that are interesting, but which I didn't think met the quality of the other tracks recordings presented. This tour contained all the passion and power of a true performing artist.


I hope you will find as much to enjoy on this release as I do. You can find original studio recordings of these songs on the following records:. Highway 61 Revisited. Blonde On Blonde.

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Time Out Of Mind. Next week you will find a compilation of the best performances from Bob Dylan's Spring American Tour. The sound of the next release is quite similar to this week's collection, but with an arguably more eclectic selection of songs.

Until then, keep yourself healthy and listen to some good tunes. Labels: - , Live. Andy Swapp February 10, at AM. Pete February 11, at PM. Marcus February 15, at AM. Bruno March 5, at AM. Barnaby July 16, at PM.

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