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A good lyric writing trick for me is to adopt the point of view of a made up character. The mean age of this group was 8.

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Employing interviews with governmental officials and museum managers, as well as content discursive analysis of the online memory portal, in my research I analysed how this digital space reconstructed time through museum narratives communicating political messages across borders.

She had published an article on Tibetan theocracy earlier.

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Given that these results differ from research based on elite discourse, this paper demonstrates the need for digital research into conceptual interrelationships. Make a habit to keep a log book beside you, or use your smartphone if you have one, and start building your vocabulary by looking into a dictionary or dictionary from your super smartphone then copy down their synonym words or phrases.

You can start by building verbs, as they are very interesting and you even get to learn phrasal verbs at the same time. The ability to use phrasal verbs in your writing, could land you some good marks! Furthermore, it is important that the replaced word must convey the essence of the point.

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To write effective descriptions you have to observe things around you and remember them so you can see them in your mind. Always try to experience the whole picture in your mind using all your senses, what you can see, hear, smell, feel, taste.

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Your email address will not be published. Remember: It is important to show that you can write in an informal style. Example of opening: Hi Sally, Dear Mum, Example of ending: Love, Your lovely daughter, Tip 2: Follow the required number of words Make sure that you follow all the instructions very carefully, and write the required number of words.

Tip 3: Use more adjectives and adverbs When you write, use your imagination as much as possible, but remember that your answer must always be relevant to the question. One way to improve your writing is by using more adjectives and adverbs. Example: We had food and the music too was good. The above sentence could be made better by applying some adjectives like the below sentence. We ate really delicious food and the music was fantastic!

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Tip 5: Formal letter Below are some important points about writing a formal letter in your IGCSE exam: You do not need to supply addresses or a date, unless you are specifically asked to. A formal letter is the type you write to someone you have never met before, or to someone with whom you have no personal relationship. A formal letter will usually contain at least two paragraphs, and will use formal language and no abbreviations. Tip 6: Style of writing You may be asked to write an article or narrative, or to give a simple description, or to write something persuasive. Below are some important points to help you to score maximum marks for this section: Your answer should be written as a single paragraph if the question requires it.

The summary question will direct you to a specific topic in the text, so it is very important that you underline the key points and make brief notes before you write your answer. Tip 8: Keep to the topic In Exercise 6 and 7, you may be asked to write your opinion about something in the form of a newspaper article, or perhaps for your school newsletter or magazine.

Hi Raja, Spelling is very important for all language subjects. Hello Mark Henry, It is best to follow the sequence of the bullet points given to build cohesion. Phonemic clusters were defined as groupings of at least two serially produced words sharing the first two phonemes e. Switches were defined by shifts from a cluster to another cluster, but also from a cluster to a word, or from a word to another word 17 , Of note, results were similar when the covariates were not entered in the analyses. Based on our a priori hypotheses, planned comparisons between groups were performed using the false discovery rate FDR 58 method of alpha level adjustment for multiple comparisons; statistical significance was set at 0.

Given the scarce literature on language and cognition in mixed mania, we did not have a priori hypotheses regarding this group and planned comparisons were not performed for this group in particular. Results were similar when subjects taking benzodiazepines at the time of the assessment were removed from the analyses, hence for the sake of simplicity we will present the results averaged over all subjects.


Only significant planned comparisons were reported in the results section for greater readability. To investigate the relationship between process-oriented measures clustering and switching and word output in the three VFT, we conducted multiple regression analyses on the word output within the patient sample.

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Five predictors — i. Statistical significance was set at 0. Goodwin, F. Harrow, M. A longitudinal study of thought disorder in manic patients. Psychiatry 43 , — Mollat, Giehm, G. Experimentell-psychologische Untersuchungen der Assoziationsgeschwindigkeit bei Geisteskranken.

Shaw, E. Effects of lithium carbonate on associative productivity and idiosyncrasy in bipolar outpatients. Psychiatry , — Kocsis, J. Neuropsychologic Effects of Lithium Discontinuation. Levine, J. Psychopathology 29 , 7—13 Verbal fluency in bipolar disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Cutting, J. Oxford University Press, Hoffman, R. A comparative study of manic vs schizophrenic speech disorganization.

Jamison, K. Knopf, Sass, L. Binswanger, L. Piguet, C.

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Phenomenology of racing and crowded thoughts in mood disorders: a theoretical reappraisal. Esmaeelpour, E. Lezak, M.

I am grateful to Emma Martin for sharing these sources with me. In contrast, the bright side is represented by encounters with various prestigious figures that embody the Tibetan world to her. She adds that gaining that position would be all the more difficult since she is both a woman and a Buddhist activist Ibid. Paris: Hartmann, , — Such categories have long been discounted by Eastern scholars as inaccurate.

Write, teach at la Sorbonne. These occupations are in perfect harmony with my position among promoters of the religious reform trend in Asia. After staying in Darjeeling, the Dalai Lama moved his court to Kalimpong, then a famous hill station and an important trading outpost, until his return to Tibet in June after the Republican Revolutionaries had overthrown the Qing Dynasty. David-Neel saw this situation as an opportunity to build an exclusive network for the sake of her own scholarly ambitions.

That I have not had a guru, a mentor, escapes him. Moreover, I understand, from what he says, that he has a poor knowledge of Southern Buddhism. For a useful biography, see Nicholas G. It is thus clear that she expects her meeting with the Dalai Lama to provide her with a new prestige not only in the eyes of her husband, but also in French scholarly circles and the British official community.

In line with her meeting with the Dalai Lama, she will make immediate arrangements to learn Tibetan and get more familiar with Tibetan Buddhism in Sikkim, while trying to stay true to her reformist spirit.