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He told us were a group of half-witted and nothing else. One of the police registered our names and listed all our equipment. Just when they finally had a chance to start observing and do some night sky photography, the sky was lit up from bright lights from the Bagram Military Airbase, one of the big bases of US forces in Afghanistan.

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At first we were ready to risk our life but not turn off the telescope remote, because once again alignment could take a lot of time , but finally we preferred to stay alive. We heard that in many occasions by mistake pastors were attacked by these iron birds, and this issue forced us not to play Russian roulette. The trio realized only later that the military could have had night vision cameras and the astronomers could have been spotted. Aghaei also said with this experience, he is going to propose to telescope companies that they invent a special button to switch off the remote control light in situations like this, at least for Afghan astronomers.

Next, a pack of dogs approached and began barking loudly. Aghaei said they dispersed the dogs by inventing a new application for green laser pointers. Ultimately, the group was able to do what they hoped most, to take some astronomical images from their observations. Here is their image of M Credit: Saeid Aghaei. We were thinking about our adventures and want to say that, no matter what kind of telescope or photography equipment you have, even it is not important you have got the first deep sky photo or TWAN-style The World At Night photo of this country we had such experience that night , but it was important that we saved our life.

We realized that for any next observation program, the main challenge is security concern and this factor will determine where ever we want to go for next our observation.

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Among the many novels set in Afghanistan for young people or for adults, The Secret Sky stands alone. This first novel by a top foreign correspondent has the authenticity of raw journalism and the poetry of a gifted writer. This powerful love story will leave you angry at injustice, and awed by courage. It shocks and inspires. It was like reading The Kite Runner —a gripping story that gave insight to this brutal yet magical culture. Atia Abawi is a foreign news correspondent who was stationed for almost five years in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Her first book for teens was the… More about Atia Abawi.

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Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Add to Cart. Also by Atia Abawi. About Atia Abawi Atia Abawi is a foreign news correspondent who was stationed for almost five years in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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