The Statement for TOKYU Land Corporation Fraud (Japanese Edition)

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With the lack of information we do not know if the bar produced evidence of the damage and actual records regards to the price of the lamp. That said i don't see why he needs to be detained, i think based on the situation he shouldn't be a danger to himself or others or that he's going to escape from such a minor crime.

As an American, there are far too many atrocities committed by the American justice system to Americans and illegal immigrants. As a black male, the same crimes committed by me and someone else may not be handled equally. In Japan, foreigners are the same in the legal system.

Oh dear, what should be a civil case is turned into a criminal one when the J cops start pressing their point home by wanting to arrest the guy! Also the current American legal system has held many people, even Americans, in prison for months and even over a year.

The Statement for TOKYU Land Corporation Fraud 2 (Japanese Edition)

Trials get furloughed all the time. IF you are convicted then the time you were held will be considered part of your time served. If you are found innocent it becomes an apology. If he were Japanese he would have said he was drunk and couldn't remember and would be let off with a slap on the wrist, but for the gaijin, no such leniency A total untruth!

Apple supplier Japan Display to review past earnings after fraud warning

The Japanese legal system and police are much more strict on foreigners than on Japanese. I know of many cases involving foreigners being unfairly detained and treated as criminals for no reason. I also have a personal experience of unfair treatment. About 8 years ago, I caught a creep taking a video up the skirt of a high school girl on an escalator at a train station.

I grabbed him at the top of the escalator and told the girls to get the station staff. They were actually my students at the private high school I was working in at the time. This pathetic creep started screaming like a little girl, all the while trying to delete the video from his phone. The girls came back very quickly with the station staff and I was sure he had not deleted the video.

We both went to the station office and awaited the police. The cops came about 15 minutes later and put us in separate rooms. They asked me what happened and walked out. I could here them interrogating the creep in the next room.

Apple supplier Japan Display to review past accounting records

He was screaming like a little girl again and claiming his innocence. He also made a lot of anti-foreigner comments and stated that I had punched him, which was total BS. After about 20 minutes they let him go.

To my knowledge, they didn't even look at his phone. Then, they came back to me. They checked my ID, called the school I was working for, called my wife and requested a copy of my passport, even though they had my gaijin card. They detained me for two hours at the train station. Then at the end of it one of the cops came up to me and said to me in English, "Stay out of Japan business.

No you do not need to travel within the country if you have a residence card, long time resident or not. If you have the card that is ALL you need when travelling! Hostel, hotel, residence, where ever, long term, short term, no matter, if you have a residence card you do NOT need to carry your passport!

How come the "I was drunk" defence doesn't work for him? In the case, he was clearly drunk, and there seems to be no proof that he was the one to break the lamp at least none is presented in the article. One of the main differences between the Japanese and American justice system is that even if you plead guilty in Japan or sign a police confession a full trial still needs to takes place where all of the evidence gets presented to a judge. You can't go straight to a sentencing hearing later that afternoon as in the US. This is because Japanese law explicitly states that a confession alone which includes a guilty plea is never enough to convict a suspect.

Some people might find this hard to accept but Mr Adame is in detention awaiting trial because of laws intended to protect him from confessing to crimes he didn't actually commit. If the judge who hears the evidence thinks no crime has been committed for whatever reason he will be able to disregard the guilty plea and acquit Adame. This sort of protection doesn't exist in America, where there is no judicial review of the underlying facts once a suspect has been coerced into entering a guilty plea.

Just something to think about. This requirement for a full trial, even where the suspect pleads guilty, is also one of the reasons for Japan's high conviction rate compared to the US since the US does not count guilty pleas as convictions. But for this case since that bar report property damage to the police, police will check reported individual ID and they'll check ID even if he were Japanese in case responsible for property damage.

At one point the police officer grabbed his arm and it snapped back and hit the officer in his chin. If he paid that and ask for forgiveness to bar owner avoid getting any fight he wouldn't be in jail now. Adame was having beers with friends when "the alcohol and in combination of him traveling" made him fall asleep. In a few years time he will look back on this experience and recognize it as the best thing that ever happened to him.

Seems like he hit one of the coppersnot a smart move in any countryanything might happencoppers are inclined to take a dim view of itwhich may be one of the reasons why he's still cooling his heels in the slammer.

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The screws could well be good friends of the cops. How much have the taxpayers spent keeping him in detention? As a taxpayer this really pisses me off to no end. Back in the day, I lived in an apartment bld in tokyo, on the fourth Fl near the end of a long dark hallway. There this creepy old rt wing nut a couple doors down, from me who would be hatin like a mad hatter, giving me the mean mug , whenever he saw me , ohh I wanted to serve him up something proper, but my hand s were tied in J-land. I could barely make it to my apt because it was dark. I called the j-stones, and they reluctantly came and took pictures.

They told me to come with them to the cold ban, and they finger-printed me. I was like wtf, but complied cause its j-land, I wish they had cameras like now. I would assume he was drinking way way more than 10 beers, did bar hopping, broke some stuff, and then violently resisted alert. Slam him in for 3 years just to teach lesson to others that think all asia is Thailand He may just have been really tired, or maybe he did have 10 beers. The bar probably has proof of how many he had, if they can be trusted. I think it all comes down to him hitting one of the 'j-stones' as pudus brilliantly called them.

A j-stone once flung me over his car because I refused to show him ID I'd done nothing wrong, I was walking home from the pub mildly dominoed. Looking back they could have made life difficult for me, but in the end they got bored and went for some donuts of mochi or whatever it is the j-stones eat. Imagine if this was in the US and scuffing a police in the chin and saying he thought the police were gangsters.

The Parkhouse Shibuya Nanpedai

He'd be tased or worse, shot. Saying he thought police was gangsters trying to scam him isn't gonna help neither. He is lucky he is in Japan. As someone who is a foreigner and has been picked up and detained by the Japanese police, the best thing you can do is cooperate.

They will process you, get all the paper work in order, and then get you back out the door. If you cause trouble like the knot-head in this article, then they simply leave you in until you cooperate. He's still locked up because he resisted arrest when he fully knew they were the Police and probably because he does not have the money to pay the various fines. Once he pays the fines they'll probably let him go. I'll bet this idiot really gave the Cops a hard time and now its pay back time.

I find it hard to believe that they cannot come up with the money to get him out. Who paid for his trip to Japan in the first place. Whether he did what he is accused of or not to a degree is irrelevant, the courts will sort that out. The problem for Japan and why his mother is gaining the attention she is, comes down to the unjust and lengthy incarceration inflicted by the system on someone not yet proven guilty of anything.

Had Japan a 21st. Century system that arrested him and bailed him if he is a flight risk hold his passport there would be no story. I guess my home country of America must also be lagging behind the times.

America has held Americans and Non Americans in Jail for years awaiting trial. America is rather famous for violating people's right to a speedy trial. They have even let murderers get away free because of this violation.