Three Suitcases and a Three Year Old

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I was so thankful last weekend when the hotel we stayed in had one. I never thought about a ziploc being used as a drain stopper. One less thing to buy.

Rachel SmallNotebooks last blog post.. Reasons to Keep Clutter.

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We bring along some blue painters tape on every trip. I keep a packing list that I use for each trip. One final note. Talk about feeling trapped! After I posted about my experience on my blog, I heard from lots of other parents who had the same problem at car rental agencies nationwide and not just the discounters. Debbie Dubrows last blog post.. Okay, this may sound wasteful….. But, the last time we went on vacation, I grabbed a package of onsies that were on sale and dirt cheap. There were like ten in the small package. I brought these as clothes for my baby since we were going somewhere warm and threw them away when they became dirty.

This saved me a ton of stress from matching and packing outfits.

We just got back from two weeks in New Zealand with a one year old and three year old. Snacks are key to happy kids.

13 tips for packing light with little kids

I also brought rice noodles and bread because I knew they would be very expensive and our kids have gluten allergies. I packed enough clothes for one week and did laundry. Put wipes in a ziploc and flatten it out to save space. Love those ziplocs! You can pack their clothes in the plastic bags with zippers or large storage bags. This keeps all those little socks from falling out during security checks.

Thanks for the great tips. Keilahs last blog post.. This is a great list! I totally agree about needing less toys. That is a must have! I also color coordinated the kids to make them easy to see at all times and had my son on a child leash. Worked like a charm especially in busy airports like Toronto. Org Junkies last blog post.. When our kids were little, the umbrella stroller was a lifesaver!

Now, I sometimes wish I had one for ME! I particularly like your idea to pack some laundry soap and a LOT of zip top bags.

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What a great idea. I never would have thought of it. And thanks for the heads up about car seats in rental places. I suppose people should ask what make and model of car seat is available before planning on using it. This is a fantastic list! I really struggle with packing light… I want to be prepared for everything and anything, so that always ends up meaning the double umbrella stroller which is massive for our twins AND two padded baby carriers, etc.

But one normal umbrella stroller and one padded carrier would probably be the best solution! Some things I would add… not specific to traveling with kids, though.

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And tape is always useful for a million things! They make great rewards and — um — bribes for good behavior! I just found your blog and I love your philosophy and tips. Your post on traveling with children is timely for me…we are packing today! Thank you for the great advice. CarrieBs last blog post..

Great tips. With 3 kids under 7 years old, my wife and I learned to pack light the hard way! I will never forget trying to get through security at the airport last year with way to many small bags and car seats. I still have nightmares and cold sweats!!

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Oh well. Love the idea of a baggie as a stopper and blue tape for babyproofing and games. If we are going somewhere with a washing machine a dryer, I just pack two outfits for each of us. How do you keep up with your laundry?

Advantages of Kids Having Their Own Travel Bags

Great list! We have 3 children under the age of 4 so just going to the local mall is a trip for us. The are able to put some of their favorite things in as well as a few snacks and art supplies.

The 9 Best Kids’ Luggage Items of

Alanas last blog post.. Ive never found the need for toys, unless for a really, really long day car trip, maybe because my son was always too excited about the trip to get restless or edgy! PreSchool Mamas last blog post.. A Different Perspective. I have been trying to take it easy on the planet by using fewer ziplocs. For some of the uses you describe, they are necessary, and I neither judge nor begrudge such uses. For other uses such as wrapping dirty disposable diapers to put in the trash , the bags your newspaper came in this morning will do nicely.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. I love to use them, hate to trash them. My solution? Once used and mucky for whatever reason I invert them and throw them in the washing machine with my clothes and then reuse them not for food though. There are just so many uses! This is my first time to your site found you at Blissfully Domestic and I love your content. Definitely adding you to my Bookmarks list! We have to travel a lot with our toddler too, so I really appreciated your ideas and suggestions.

This is a brilliant kids travel accessory , especially if you are planning to take taxis to and from the airport or for sightseeing once you arrive in your destination. It has 8 litres of capacity inside, which is enough for a change of clothes, few toys and books, water bottle and snacks for the plane. It has a padded, breathable back pad and padded shoulder straps, making it comfortable to carry as a backpack. The only downside is that it is quite heavy when fully loaded — and you need to remember to take anything they need in the car out before they sit on it! Are you traveling with a baby?

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If you make a booking or purchase using one of these links, we may receive a small commission — at absolutely no extra cost to you. Trunki has become a household name in families with kids and with good reason. Their designs are pure genius and the Trunki Benny is no exception. These are great choices! Hi Marianne, thanks for sharing these great reviews!