Wakaki hi no Ryousen (Japanese Edition)

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      I really enjoyed this book that explored the parallels between Christian Spirituality and Leather sexuality. Seen through the lens of Hardy's own personal journey of faith and sexual self-discovery, this book provides a vivid portrayal of what it means to find the divine in and through the body. As an former seminarian myself, I found his grasp of theology and church history to be both accurate and humane.

      I loved especially his insights concerning the desert fathers and other christian ascetics and how their disciplining of the body could be understood via an enlightened leather hermeneutic.

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      A great book that offers a sane and liberal understanding of both Leather sexuality and the message of Jesus. See all 5 reviews. The experiences I had were beyond sex, they were almost transcendent, otherworldly encounters.

      At times I felt a presence larger than that of my partner and me. Sometimes when a scene was really working, I felt connected to existence as a whole.

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      These experiences tipped over all my boxes and scattered the elements of my life everywhere. I would never again be able to compartmentalize things the same way.

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      It was through these experiences as well as a lot of time spent in 12 step programs that I began picking up my things and putting them in the box called "me". They identify Christianity with the Bible thumping televangelists who fill the airwaves with their gay bashing rhetoric. To many of them, bigotry wrapped in the pages of the Bible was the wedge that drove them from their families and faith. To them, the very idea that there could be gay Christians requires a big paradigm shift. I keep my answer simple.