Zen and the Art of Waitering

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Zen and the Art of Bogus Resolutions

Search Advanced Search. Have you seen Who am I kidding? So how about this: I resolve to stop complaining in public. But now I see that this place serves their bread with olive oil and not butter. Who decided that oil was better than butter?

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Has anyone ever protested that bread was too delicious with a nice pat of salted butter? The big stuff is everything I have no control over, like trade deficits and nepotism in Hollywood.

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Why complain when there is nothing I can do about it? Though, to be honest, that big stuff is the good stuff.

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The stuff I cannot change is complaining gold. I love to go on and on about big problems; Guantanamo, that pungent smell of urine on the subway, the Kardashians. I can complain and complain with the satisfaction of being right and righteous while not actually having to roll up my sleeves to fix a thing.

Why should any of us believe that just because the calendar ticks from one year to the next, we should be expected to make grandiose changes in our lives? And this year, I will spend my time honing my TAOist skills. I am no longer a master complainer; I am a TAOist master on a path to living in harmony with all the daily crap that life dishes out. Jillian: Your humor is amazing!

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I love your thought and your wit. You have quite a talent with writing and I am encouraging you to continue with it. You have a lot to share with your audience. It is quite a gift that you have. So much that is part of our everyday experience is humorous and you captured a piece of that in your essay.